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For me, this is one of the biggest differences between living in Germany and the US. In Germany, people get a minimum of 21 days of paid vacation a year, unlimited sick leave and paid maternity leave, and workers are protected by a variety of laws to ensure that they are fairly compensated for their work. On the other hand, when you look at the output of a German employee, you can see that. Germans hate being late! In the states it is common to run late and it's often excusable. For example, when Americans make dinner plans for around 7pm it often means 7:30. Not to a German

People generally aren't loud in Germany The biggest American stereotype in the book (other than being overweight) is that Americans are loud. I wish I could debunk this but it is true. Americans tend to be very loud in public spaces when there is no need to be loud This applies a conversion factor that averages the exchange rate for a given year and the two preceding years, adjusted for differences in rates of inflation between the country, and through 2000, the G-5 countries (France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States). From 2001, these countries include the Euro Zone, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Per capita. USA vs Germany. Show map. USA Germany. Map of the world. Country: USA (US) Germany (DE) Capital: Washington: Berlin: Population: 324 527 000: 82 175 700: Area: 9 857 306 km 2: 357 168 km 2: More: USA military forces description: Germany military forces description: Military expenditures. US DE; Military budget: 610 billion $ 44,3 billion $ Percent of GDP: 3,1%: 1,2%: Military budget . More. Deutschland und die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika vergleichen: Demografie, Wirtschaft, Energie, Sprachen und weitere Gegenüberstellungen Germany vs. United States; Crime; Definitions. Age of criminal responsibility: The age at which a person is no longer excluded from criminal liability. The lowest age is indicated for countries where there isn't a single age limit, for example where different states have different regulations (such as the USA) or there is different limits for boy and girls (such as in Iran). The spectrum is.

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  1. I'm from Germany so I'll comment on what is better or worse in Germany. Germany: Pros: 1. Higher Education is cheaper (you have to pay around €300 every semester if you go to university but it does not include books, housing....etc. only a ticket.
  2. Germany vs USA (oder join the army) Hi all, bei mir stellt sich die Frage USA vs Germany, bzw. join the army. Ich denke es ist wohl am Besten wenn ich Euch erstmal ein paar Infos zu meiner Person gebe, damit Ihr euch ein besseres Bild von meiner Situation machen könnt. Also, ich bin im besitzt der US-Staatsbürgerschaft (Vater Amerikaner, Mutter deutsch). Allerdings ist meine Hauptsprache.
  3. g in at 30.6% of the population. Obesity rates in Germany are at 12.9%. Average body mass index (BMI) in Germany is 25.32, and USA's average is 27.82 - 10% higher than Germany's, according to Nation Master
  4. Germany and USA are often pitted against each other for various reasons. The cultures of two countries are anything but same. While US culture has 'go get it' attitude. The German culture is more 'let's play it safe'
  5. Germany vs. United States; Cost of living; Definitions. Average monthly disposable salary > After tax: Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax). Based on 0-50 contributions for Afghanistan, Aland Islands, Andorra and 81 more countries and 50-100 contributions for Albania, Algeria, Armenia and 19 more countries and over 100 contributions for Argentina, Australia, Austria and 82 more.

The Germans edged Jurgen Klinsmann's USA 1-0 in Recife's rain-soaked Arena Pernambuco, a result that takes both sides through and sent Ghana and Portugal cra.. Time in Germany vs United States. Washington, United States time is 6:00 hours behind Germany This applies a conversion factor that averages the exchange rate for a given year and the two preceding years, adjusted for differences in rates of inflation between the country, and through 2000, the G-5 countries (France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States). From 2001, these countries include the Euro area, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States SEE ALSO: Germany vs the USA: 7 things that are different. Job Opportunities Germany faces a huge shortage of skilled workers - means more job opportunities for you! Germany provides excellent job and Ph.D. opportunities. After completing your degree in Germany, you can stay on in the country for up to 18 months to look for a job related to your qualification. As per a study, Germany is. Daily Life in the USA vs Germany (Part 1) History & Culture > Cultural Comparisons > Cultural Comparisons - Part 2 Driving & Traffic Laws • Restaurants & Dining • Coffee In the charts below you'll find a simplified comparison of various customs and everyday culture in the United States and Germany (Deutschland). For more details, click on any linked topic

Germany vs USA. Show map. Germany USA. Map of the world. Country: Germany (DE) USA (US) Capital: Berlin: Washington: Population: 82 175 700: 324 527 000: Area: 357 168 km 2: 9 857 306 km 2: More: Germany military forces description: USA military forces description: Military expenditures. DE US; Military budget: 44,3 billion $ 610 billion $ Percent of GDP: 1,2%: 3,1%: Military budget . More. Consumer Prices in Germany are 4.57% lower than in United States: Consumer Prices Including Rent in Germany are 13.02% lower than in United States: Rent Prices in Germany are 29.23% lower than in United States: Restaurant Prices in Germany are 7.62% lower than in United States: Groceries Prices in Germany are 24.97% lower than in United State

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United States is about 28 times bigger than Germany.. Germany is approximately 357,022 sq km, while United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, making United States 2,654% larger than Germany. Meanwhile, the population of Germany is ~80.2 million people (252.5 million more people live in United States) Döner kebab in Germany: a culinary love affair An expat writes an ode to one of his favourite post-party foods, the doner kebab, and sinks his teeth into discovering its Turkish origins and how it came to Germany

Germany vs USA. Gefällt 4.176 Mal. Germany vs USA explores the contrasts and joys of the greater friendship between Germany and the United States... Germany United States HISTORY; Average years of schooling of adults: 10.2 Ranked 8th. 12 Ranked 1st. 18% more than Germany Children out of school, primary: 7,230 Ranked 76th. 1.76 million Ranked 3rd.. Germany vs USA (Store Germany) | Im Germany vs USA online shop bekommt ihr tolle Germany vs USA Produkte

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